FL Liquid 220 FPV 3K Carbon Fiber Frame

Type: Frame
Weight: 82 grams
Size: 220
Manufacturer: Flying Lemon
Other notes: The new Liquid 220 3K carbon fiber frame for racing quadrocopter. Full X type, light and fast frame for FPV racers. Made with excellent quality materials with all accesories neededed for assembly. Weight around 82g (89g with PDB with LC filter, 12V and 5V linear BEC).

lighweight unibody full 3K carbon fiber frame with 3mm and 4mm (as option) main plate.
oversized motor area to protect motor under crash
universal motor mounting holes
top plate with dedicated holes for XT60 pigtail (included), RC receiver, VTX, battery

included LemonCore PDB or LemonCore PRO PDB (as option)
FPV camera side plates support standard 32mm camers
HD camera plate with HQ dumpers
gold full alu standoffs and screws
dedicated LED plate with WS2812 LED (cleanflight/betaflight support) with logic level converter and buzzer (as option)
weight- 82g without PDB, 89g with LemonCore PDB

frame plates
alu standoffs and screws
XT60 pigtail
LemonCore or LemonCore PRO PDB
dumpers for HD camera plate
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Used by 3 drones