Spektrum DX6i

Type: RC transmitter
Weight: 1000 grams
Manufacturer: Spektrum
Other notes: KEY FEATURES
- Full range 2.4GHz DSM2 6-channel radio
- 10-model memory
- ModelMatch
- ServoSync
- Roller/selector user interface
- Attractive and ergonomic design
- Proven DSM2 technology
- Rudder dual-rate
- Large LCD display
- Integrated timer
- Contrast Adjustment
- Dual-speed trim scroll
- Model name and type
- Throttle cut
- Trainer Mode
- Model Copy
- Travel adjustment
- Sub-trim
- Servo monitor
- Dual rate and exponential
- Compatible with any existing DSM & DSM2 receivers
- Airplane Programming Features: Flaps, P-mixes, Dual aileron, V-tail, Delta, Differential
- Heli Programming Features: Gyro adjust, Graphic throttle curve, Graphic pitch curve, P-mixes, Revo mix, Swash type (Normal, and CCPM 120)
- Adjustable stick length
- Direct trim access display
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Used by 5 drones