FL Liquid V2 210 FPV 3K Carbon Fiber Frame 3mm

Type: Frame
Weight: 80 grams
Size: 210
Manufacturer: Flying Lemon
Other notes: Liquid V2 was designed for FPV racing, full X type. Made with mate, 3K twill carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum screws, nylon stands etc. Specially for it was created X-Core PDB.

lightweight unibody full 3K carbon fiber frame with 3mm and 4mm (as option) main plate.
oversized motor area to protect motor under crash
universal motor mounting holes
top plate with dedicated holes for RC receiver, VTX, battery straps
FPV camera side plates support standard 32mm cameras
7075 alu screws with branded nylon stands
dedicated LED plate with ultra bright LED's (included!)

frame plates
alu screws and nylon stands
rubberized battery strap
LED plate
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