Gemfan 5152

Type: Propellers (props)
Weight: 4.9 grams
Size: 5.1"
Manufacturer: Gemfan
Other notes: Brand: Gemfan
Item Name: TRI-Blade
Item No.: 5152
Material: Durable composite
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pair(2 X CW 2 X CCW)
Mounting Hole: 5mm
Center thickness: 7.5mm
Blade width: 15.6mm
Usage: For 2205 2206 Motor
2 X CW 3-Blade Propeller
2 X CCW 3-Blade Propeller

Name: Gemfan 5152 (Yes actually 5.1")
Spec: 5.1x~4.5x3 (I'm guessing)
Weight: 5.0g (High end of medium)
Material: Polycarbonate (I think)
Rigidity: Generally stiffer than average

Balance: Good
Speed: High
Torque: Med-High
Power: High
Grip: Medium
Response: Med
Durability: High
Noise profile: Low
Battery hog: High (If ~2350kv, Med-High)

Probable kV range: 2300-2522kV (actual kV)
Flight feel: Good power throughout throttle
Power delivery: Linear with good low-mid wave of power.
Good for: High amp racing and Matty style acro.
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