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Tiny Whoop London
Date: 2018 February 20 (Tuesday)
Type: Friendly race
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Address: 23 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3LT, UK
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1991195187576195/
Other notes: INITION - a creative innovation agency in London - will sponsor the next Tiny Whoop London's meetup!

Tiny whoops are strongly recommended to avoid damaging the room equipment, but other micro drones might be considered once we have a look at it.

Before the event, we ask all participants to check their video frequencies ranges (whoops and goggles/displays) and how to change them, to save some time, although we can help you with that on the spot.

Please add your drone to the list below so we can start to get an idea of the equipment you'll bring and be prepared with the right video frequencies. Alternatively, join the Facebook event using the link mentioned above.

Don't forget to charge your batteries before the event. Also, try to bring a few spare parts in case your whoop can't cope with your excitement ;)

This meetup starts at 6pm and guests can arrive at any time until 8pm.

Free entrance and free beer!
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Tiny Whoop London 2018 February 21

Guys, thank you so much for coming yesterday. It was really fun. Feel free to suggest things to improve in our next event and places where we could run similar meet-ups. Cheers

Tiny Whoop London 2018 February 18

The video above was just a test track. Plenty of variations still to be explored ;)