Swiss Cottage Library whooping

Tiny Whoop London
Date: 2017 February 16 (Thursday)
Type: Friendly race
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Address: Swiss Cottage Library
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1777664209224096/
Other notes: This will be Tiny Whoop London's first meetup, therefore it will be a trial and a super relaxed 'race'.
Tiny whoops are strongly recommended to avoid damaging the room equipment, but other micro drones might be considered once we have a look at it.
Before the event, we ask all participants to check their video frequencies ranges (whoops and goggles/displays) and how to change them, to save some time, although we can help you with that on the spot.

The entrance cost will be £10 (just to cover the hiring cost).
This meetup will take place in the events room of the Swiss Cottage Library (2-minute walk from Swiss Cottage tube station).
The times:
18:00 - Prep room and video frequencies
18:30 - Let those babies fly
19:30 - Time to wrap-up
20:00 - "Get out!"
20:10 - Pub time (Ye Olde Swiss Cottage)

Please add your drone to the list below so we can start to get an idea of the equipment you'll bring and be prepared with the right video frequencies.

To get to the event room, once you get into the main entrace, use the automatic door on the right (under 'lifts to 1 & 2 floor' sign).
After that door open the next two doors and get to the main corridor. The event room will be on your left.
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Goblin_Quad with Goblin MXP200b
leafkicker with TinyWhoop
Stevepud with Whoop17kv
Tiny Whoop London
Torpedo with Mosca


Tiny Whoop London 2017 February 17

Guys, thank you so much for coming to our first meetup.
It was so much fun! :)
Thank you as well to Morkiuz for filming the event. We'll share the video once it's edited.

LoKKeR 2017 February 17

Can't wait for the next one!

Tiny Whoop London 2017 February 15

Tomorrow is the big day :)
Don't forget to charge your batteries tonight or tomorrow before the event. Although there will be plenty of plugs for your chargers, the room is only booked for two hours.
Also, try to bring a few spare parts in case your whoop can't cope with your excitement ;)

Tiny Whoop London 2017 February 14

Hi guys,
Our first meetup is just around the corner.
Please don't forget to mention which drone you're bringing (like Stevepud and Torpedo did), so that we can think of the right video frequencies to use beforehand.

Stevepud 2017 February 14

I've update my kit in the database too.
Ready with raceband (full range of other frequencies to use too)

Torpedo 2017 February 14

Perfect! Me too. I've upgraded the receiver of my goggles and it now covers the raceband and two other ones.

Stevepud 2017 February 15

Somethings come up and I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow,
Sorry, hope you all have fun